Technical Data Sheet

All of our car stickers (truck, motorcycle and boat) are made of a material chosen and selected for its qualities: durability, diversity, resistance. The raw material used is made in France (by our partner Hexis) and transformed in our workshop. There is no subcontracting or intermediaries!


SUPTAC S5000 // Polymer Vinyl

High-performance calandered polymer vinyl 65 microns

Adhesive: : solvent acrylic

Liner : Kraft ("blue contrast" on S5001B and S5001M)

Application : on flat and slightly curved surfaces

Durability : Up to 10 years, depending on the colors

Colors : 86 colors

Appearance: 83 brilliant colors and 3 mates

The 65 microns adhesive PVC can but cut and well trimmed even with small lettering. Its flexibility allows you to apply it on curved surfaces of cars, motorcycles, boats ... Very dimensionally stable, it is specially designed to resist to considerable temperature variations, oils ... etc.. It is the product on purpose!²

Download the technical data sheet

HX200WG2 Serie 200 // Polymer Vinyl

Calandered polymer vinyl 70 microns

Adhesive: : permanent solvent acrylic, low tack

Liner : Hex'press PE- liner

Application : Application: on flat and slightly curved surfaces

Durability : Long term

Colors : White

Appearance : brillant

"These products are the best for stores signs or vehicles requiring some conformability. They are also suitable for applications on flat surfaces requiring durability."

Download the technical data sheet